Punksheep is born from the desire to revalorize video games. The main objective of our project is an innovative Approach of video games business. More than just a platform to buy video games, we want to create a true marketplace. We want to give back to developers the power. Thus, we will follow them during all the process of creation to finally helping them to sell their creations in the best ways. Punksheep is here to give the artists the opportunity to live of their creation.

Our strength: unite and not divide. To do this, we want to go against the traditional patterns by grouping all the enthusiasts scattered in a large number of niches. Our battle horse: no barrier to creativity, offering the freedom to express its talent by coming out of the frames imposed by the market. PUNKSHEEP intends to extend the video game market beyond the current limits imposed by large multinationals. We want to revalorize this industry that has for too long been abused by restoring the power to the real actors of the sector: the players and the developers. Anyone with a connection to this vast culture of video games is welcome.

Among our strengths, the integration of the ecological aspect in the digital field. With the advent of new technologies, a new form of production and consumption has emerged in the form of digital data flows. Many software developers accumulate data associated with their projects (graphics, programs, scenario ...) which become cumbersome when they are no longer used. This is where our notion of digital recycling comes in. The idea is to revive all these data by making them available to the teams so that they can integrate them into new creations. This recycling will reduce the production costs of video games, thus ensuring better profitability.

We are considering 2 forms of distribution. In the first one, our games will be sold in a "dematerialized" way: it is a method of consumption that is well suited to the habits of customers nowadays and that offers a lower cost of production. The costumer downloads the game directly on his machine and can use it immediately without restriction. But the dematerialized form is not the solution for everything. For some years now, there has been a growing enthusiasm for the return of box games. Many players have a spirit of collecting and are attached to the "object" - quality box, booklet, artwork, goodies… The passage through the rematerialized can be perceived as a consecration for the developer and the summit of his work. Being present in box format brings real added value to the game, makes it possible to stand out and make additional sales.

We are confident that many video games creators are not rewarded with the result of their work, so we are putting in place new solutions to helps developers and their works. To exist, each new title must make talk about him, it must be more than only a product on a platform. We work with teams to revalorize them by representing articles that can be consulted on the site, in addition to social networks, blog, press, youtube, event and forum. In addition, each team has a dedicated area with a specific identity to facilitate communication with the players and the possibility to add different media, text, themes…

To remain consistent with our philosophy we want to apply a fair price policy. We promise to not 'break' prices! We agree to the price altogether so that it reflects the quality of the work done. We estimate the average price of a game between 5 and 15 euros for the dematerialized version. For box games, the difference will be calculated according to the content (goodies, poster, usb key, booklet) and shipping. By a single purchase, you will be able to access the download to different platforms (pc, mac, linux, rpi, morphos). To ensure the sustainability of our company and thus continue to provide quality services to our partners we take a margin up to 20%.

Distribution is the finality of our partnership with the developers. For the comfort of the users we do not want to impose a mandatory connection. On the contrary, we want to give players greater freedom by allowing them to download games at any time on the platform of their choices (depending on the proposed system). For an optimal gaming experience, we include in the process a test phase to provide perfectly functional games. Every purchase of games goes through a transaction totally secured via classic and recognized payment models. We propose 2 types of distribution according to the proposed title, dematerialized via direct download on the website or rematerialized version by order and delivery.

The realization of a video game is not limited to the creative aspect. In order for your work to exist you must pass through a large number of administrative steps that requires time and energy but also a know-how; that can prove difficult to learn. That is why we offer you personalized support to give your project the best chance of achieving sales.

We see developers as our partners, so we want to build a constructive dialogue between them and Punksheep. More than a follow-up, we propose a specific support that matches the needs of teams or individuals. According to the needs of the project we can increase our involvement and intervene more on the technical aspect; help to the programming aspect. Depending on our level of implication, we are open to discussions on a suitable payment method (percentage on sales, direct payment ...).

We encourage technological diversity, free to each one to use the engine as well as the development methods of his choice. In order to save time over the development time we add the possibility to work with our own internal modules such as APIs (manage scores in trophies, trophies, data security, TRC) or flexible internal engine. We ensure the putting into service of these tools as well as the technical support. Our aim: to achieve together the best quality, despite budgetary and technical constraints.


Programmer and co-founder of Punksheep

Born in 1970, before Atari, and fascinated by the universe of Tron, it is quite natural that I am oriented towards video games. Autodidact in basic, then on more efficient language, I set myself as the ultimate goal: become a game programmer


Graphiste/D.A. and co-founder of Punksheep

At the end of the eighties, i was still a child, computer fascinated me already. It is during the discovery of an arcade room freshly opened in my city, that my interest in computers and art has collided to become a vocation that will never leave me. Read more...

Marc LY

Game Designer and co-founder of Punksheep

Vers l'âge de 15 ans et quelques années après avoir découvert les jeux vidéos sur la console ATARI 2600, je suis littéralement frappé de charme par un jeu d'aventure "le diamant de l'île maudite" et un micro-ordinateur "0RIC/Atmos" qui révélèrent ma passion pour la création de jeux vidéos... En savoir plus...


Games designer

Born in 1975, raised to consoles and arcade games, administrator of the site www.shmup.com dedicated to shoot'em up. Independent, working in the video game industry since the beginning 2000 as a game designer, level designer and project manager. Read more...

Philippe DESSOLY

Graphic designer

Philippe Dessoly joined Ocean Software in 1989 as a video game designer he has participated in nearly 80 games on all support, he has drawn games such as Toki, , Snow bros and create Mr Nutz on Snes, it was also 5 years official draftsman of Goldorak. Read more...



Born in 1962, and video games programmer for more than 28 years. Starts his career at Ocean France on Amiga with arcade converts such as Beach Volley, Cabal, Ivanhoe, Toki, Liquid Kids. Currently ships its own game console (101 Console). Read more...



Fan of adventure games, such as "Manoir du Dr Génius" discovered on the micro-computer ORIC, I started out on my way to developing video games as a professionnal in the mid-80s Nowadays, that passion is still intact and I actually make my own games. Read more…

Benjamin CAILLER

Videographer, Cameraman-reporter and Photographer

Born in 1992, Cinema became very quickly an interest to me. Passionate about photography, writing and editing, I chose to study in the fascinating media’s world and precisely the cinema’s one. En savoir plus...

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